Claire Maziarczyk         paste paper collages and paintings   

pastepaper collage

"Celebrate 100"   pastepaper collage                                original art 21"x21"                          Claire Maziarczyk    2006


Claire Maziarczyk has been creating her line of decorative papers known as PASTEPAPER PATTERNS since 1982. Paste papers are originally some of the earliest forms of decorative papers used for both covers and end papers in books from the late 16th through the 18th centuries. Claire's love of painting and printmaking are a major influence in her approach the creation of her decorative papers. Claire's papers exhibit a range and depth of color and pattern not possible using traditional decorative papermaking methods.

Many of Claire's standard patterns can be seen at:

Another aspect of Claire's creative process is seen in the collection of paste paper collages.  Many of these images are a compilation of many years of creating one of-a-kind sheets of paper. Some are simple experiments others are an attempt to recreate the feeling of 16th century bookbinders.

All of these papers reflect Claire's sense of color, texture and pattern.  They are combined with a love of quilt patterns, an interest in Feng shui, and Polish paper cut outs.  The image on this home page was created in Celebration of the Guild of Book Workers 100th anniversary in 2006.

The ten patterns  in "Celebrate 100" represent 25 years of paste papers  by Claire Maziarczyk.


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